Tick Lists

Lizzy’s List

We both have a lot of projects and goals, but here are some of my top projects

  1. Sentry Box, 5.12a, Squamish
  2. High Plains Drifter, 5.11c, Squamish
  3. The North Face of the Rostrum, 5.11c, Yosemite
  4. Viper, 5.11d, Yosemite
  5. The North Face of the Monkey’s Face, 5.12a, Smith Rock
  6. Slice and Dice, 5.12, Indian Creek
  7. Christmas Tree, 5.12+, Indian Creek
  8. The Pirate, 5.12c/d, Suicide Rock
  9. Ankles Away, 5.11c PG13, Needles
  10. Equinox, 5.12c/d, J-Tree

P.S. Can you tell that I love crack climbing?

Luke’s To Do list

These routes are my lifetime goals. Lofty routes that hopefully one day I will send.

  1. Freerider, 12d, Yosemite Valley
  2. Moonlight Buttress, 12d, Zion
  3. Golden Gate, 5.13b, Yosemite Valley
  4. The West Face, 5.13a A0 Yosemite Valley
  5. Romantic Warrior, 12b, The Needles
  6. Bachar-Yerian, 11c R, Tuolumne Meadows
  7. The Naked Edge, 11b, El Dorado Canyon
  8. Astroman, 11c, Yosemite Valley
  9. The Acid Crack, 12d, Joshua Tree
  10. Equinox, 12c , Joshua Tree
  11. No Redemption, 13b, Red River Gorge
  12. Kaleidoscope, 13c, Red River Gorge
  13. Lactic Acid Bath, 12d, New River Gorge

Since I really like lists check out the Mountain Project version


3 responses

5 11 2008

Just happened to notice that there are a few of Luke’s routes that are in the Red… spring trip??? 😉

10 11 2008

that would be pretty sweet, although we’ve also thought about going somewhere new. there’s a ton of limestone that I want to climb on, but unfortunately its’ still going to be covered in snow 😦

however, if everyone else suddenly decides they want to do the crack climbing thing, I would be all in for Indian Creek… (40% of my tick list…)

7 08 2009

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