We’ve Moved!

4 01 2010

Since it’s a new decade, it’s about time for a big change for DreaminVertical – we’ve now moved our blog to our new domain – www.dreaminvertical.com! It’s still a work-in-progress, but we’re really excited about the move and we hope you will be, too. So change your bookmarks and head on over to check out our new digs!




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4 01 2010

great job, I love WordPress

4 01 2010
friendly guest

Love the new site…but i think there are a bunch of pics that got lost somehow. The last 3 or 4 posts on both the new site and this old site have some images on them that are not loading and so the site is constantly ‘loading’.

Let me know if you need more specifics.

4 01 2010

Hmm, we’re not seeing the problem you mention on our end… What posts have the issues and what browser are you using?

6 01 2010

Lizzy… I’m only able to see a post from Dec 31st on the new .com.

I saw you posted an update on twitter but when I went to find it… I saw no update on the new site. BUT…. When I went to the gear review section on the .com and clicked through I brought me back to the wordpress site. Somehow it seems the sites are cross posting. Does all that make sense?

7 01 2010

Yeah we still haven’t sorted out all of the links yet on the new site. There haven’t been any new posts since the 31st. I’m writing a few but they wont be ready for a while.

Thanks Josh!

You guys going to bishop any time soon?

7 01 2010

I was thinking about going in the next month or so. Shoot me a line with any dates you might have in mind. We really don’t have any plans for a while.

7 01 2010

it is a painfully un-fun process to fix all the links (believe me, I just did the gear reviews and multipitch TRs pages) so it’ll probably take a while to get everything sorted out…

13 01 2010
Friendly Guest

Sorry took so long to get back here!

I think i know what was going on with the image loading problem…

If i go to your ‘home’ page…it has all your posts dating back to Nov. 11 (or 23? not sure)…but it shows the ENTIRE post and so that ‘home page’ is quite ‘tall’….the scroll bar on the right turns into a very thin bar (a good indication that there is a lot on that page.

So i opened one of the posts in a new tab and with both tabs trying to load all those images/links to videos, etc. It just chugged the computer/download speed on my computer.

Maybe you can limit the number of posts on the front ‘home’ page? or just show the first paragraph of each post on the home page so that a reader has to then click to the specific post’s page to read more (that’ll reduce the number of images, etc. that need to load on your home page).

i hope all this is clear? I think i’m rambling a bit!

Otherwise…looking forward to your next post!!

13 01 2010

Great, thanks for the info 🙂

Are you having the problem on our new site (http://www.dreaminvertical.com) (there we should have just small clips of the blogs (with only one photo) on the home page…) or just on the older (i.e. this site) blog?

hopefully we’ll have more to post soon, after the new year busy-ness wears off a bit.



19 01 2010


I’m a regular reader of your great blog! One of the best among the climbing blogs imho. Not in the least because of the great trip reports with lots of pictures. I normally don’t leave comments, but I’d like to add that I really like your old layout, it’s very refreshing, partly because of the white background color I think. It makes the blog very friendly to read. The new black background color is just, well, much too black, too dark. That just isn’t you guys! And of course no more great pictures that smash you in the face when opening the page. Other than that it’s a great new site ;-). But of course it’s completely your decision, can’t wait for a great new and shiny trip report!


2 02 2010

Hi Jasper,
Thanks for the appreciation and comments. I get what you’re saying about the black… it was hard for us to find a blog theme that we liked, and we do like the bright blue/black of the new blog’s theme, but I totally understand what you’re saying about it being harder to read. We’ll look into it. Also, part of the front page change was intended to be an improvement – so people can scroll through more stories and it doesn’t take forever to load for slower internet connections. But it’s definitely still a work in progress, so we’ll play around with it.

28 01 2010

Hey guys,

Sounds like the move might have a few small bumps, but having your own domain will be worth it in the end. Good luck and look forward to new content on the new site in 2010.

Climb on Wood

15 02 2010
friendly guest

thought i’d quickly post a followup…love the new front page with the ‘small cards’ showing each post. loads up super-fast and looks great!

thanks for the improvements!

now to read your latest post…

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