Joe’s Valley – Wills a Fire Videos

6 05 2009


Josh on Lumberjack Low

After watching a video Jamie Emerson posted I was reminded that I had some how failed to post the above picture of Josh trying the same problem. I love this shot and it really shows the crazy sandstone texture of Joe’s Valley.


Luke sets up the drop knee with his eye on the pocket.


Almost there on this low percentage throw.


Adam reaches for the next incut on Wills A Fire – V6

One of the most interesting things about Wills A Fire is the variety of beta. The problem is fairly simple with a number of well spaced incut holds.  However the location of these holds requires one to cross or bump between the pockets to setup for the topout. As you saw in the videos I crossed to the crack and matched it while Adam crossed between the pockets so he could get a right gaston in the crack. Both of these methods were different than my initial idea shown above which involved a left hand bump/throw between the two pockets.  After we got home I watched a video Matt Wilder had posted showing yet another sequence using a somewhat hidden hold.  I was happy to send this classic on our final day and it provided closure to the trip.