Malibu Creek Challenge 22k

12 05 2009

Last weekend, Luke and I ran the Malibu Creek 22k. This was my 2nd trail race ever, my 1st race of this length (half marathon plus a little extra), and my substitute birthday challenge, since my fitness was nowhere near what it needed to be to climb 21 routes in a day at Indian Creek.

The course took us along the “Crags Road” in Malibu Creek State Park to the base of Bulldog Mtn., which we proceeded to run up for a grueling 3 miles and almost 2000ft of elevation. After an initial descent, there were some rolling hills for another 3 miles, then a long, fairly steep descent and a final hill before the finish. The elevation profile is below:

I had gone a week and a half before to run/walk the whole course to check it out. It was rough since I didn’t end up having time to do much training, but I didn’t want to give up, so I just readied myself mentally to do it again and prepared with a couple extra GU’s. I was able to run more sections than I had the first time, which made the distance seem to go by faster. Also, having the aid stations was great because I was able to keep myself a lot more hydrated. I still had an issue with my calves getting really cramped up and my IT bands feeling tight, but I managed to finish, shaving about 30 minutes off the time I took on my preview run.


I was 123rd out of 178 women and finished 9th out of 10 in my age group. However, I think those 8 other women probably trained a lot more than I did, which was almost not at all. I was happy to be able to push myself harder the second time on the course and am already thinking about which race to do next and how to fit more running into my insanely busy schedule. To be honest, I am not one of those people who just naturally loves running, but I do appreciate being able to push myself more and be in better shape, along with the feeling of accomplishment of finishing a race like this.

Luke did awesome, finishing 3rd in his age group and 18th out of 252 men. And that’s pretty darn good considering some of those 17 other guys probably have coaches and lack full time jobs.

We were both tired, so we relaxed the rest of the weekend, grabbing some dinner with Julie and Josh and watching the new Star Trek movie on Sunday.

This coming weekend, we will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary with our first trip to Charleston for 2009 with a side trip to Vegas to see Phantom of the Opera. Have a great week!