Pie and Slide Night – Australia 2005

11 05 2009

Along the lines of Kate’s Post about the past I thought it would be fun to put some old photos online from my semester abroad in Australia.

While I was studying at the University of Melbourne I was a member of the Melbourne Uni Mountaineering Club and through this club I was able to find climbing partners, arrange rides, and get outside the majority of the weekends I was in Australia. One of the annual events was a Pie and Slide night at a local pub and thinking highly of my self I entered photos in many categories.

Looking back these are not top notch photos but at the time with my Sony point and shoot I was happy to be recording memories. There are so many beautiful places in Australia and the rock is absolutely stunning. As I dig through old photos I hope to get some more posts about my travels down under.


– Luke




Matty on Cricket Bats in a Box at Mt Araplies



Simon clips on the holdless Elephant Slide at the Grampians.



Mattie enjoys some killer sandstone at the Elephant’s Hide.


Australian Flora and Fauna
Daintree Strangler Fig

A strangler fig in the Daintree Forest north of Cairns



A creek on the all sand Fraser Island, Queensland



A pretty waterfall in the Grampians, Victoria


Australian Landscape


The “seven” apostles from the Great Ocean Road


Norman Island

A dissapearing spit of beach in the beautiful Whitsunday Islands.



A cozy inlet along the Great Ocean Road.

“Abroad” Scenery


A fuzzy Capitan from my frist trip to the valley.



In 2005  Hartley and I climb the Prow on the Washington Column seen on right side above.



Looking down at the valley from the top of Half Dome.


People In Wilderness

Simon and Shawn getting lost in the lichen at Teneriffe, Victoria



Scott on Flight of a Gumby, New River Gorge, WV



Having a great time group multipitching on the Watchtower faces , Mt Arapiles