Wide Wednesdays at Mount Woodson

25 11 2009

One of the areas in the back yard of San Diego is Mount Woodson. This area offers an interesting assortment of cracks of various sizes. Many are short enough to boulder, but others warrant a top rope. Despite taking good gear I think most of the routes are rarely led.  Since we can get out to Woodson after work, a group of guys, mainly dudes from Pullharder,  have been working on our offwidth skills. The main targets so far have been Right Long’s Crack, Mother Superior and Greg’s Crack. Stein and I thought this would be good training for Freerider but it’s turned into something more.  I’ll let the photos and the videos do the talking!

Videos were shot by various people and edited by Josh. Thanks to Roberto for the photos!

Stein gets psyched for some offwidth action!

Josh gets inverted on Right Longs Crack.

The first wide Wednesday.

Stein works his feet.

Our second trip of attempts.

Luke on his send of Right Longs Crack.






3 responses

28 11 2009

U guys still going up there…I want in! Call me!

15 12 2009

Handstacks and Leavitation boys!…lol!

9 03 2010
Gary McCay

2010 Mt. Woodson Shindig T-Shirts Now Available!


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