Summer Catchup: Pine Mountain Pulldown and Mt. Woodson

30 09 2009

This summer was jam packed with  fun climbing including many trips to the Sierra. These long days on the mountain stand at vast contrast to some of  the more chill weekends that are swept up in the fray. I wanted to share a few photos that I didn’t get to post back in August and earlier in September.  One missed weekend Julie and Josh came down from LA to do a bit of crack climbing 101. The easiest place for this is Mount Woodson, which has a mix of boulders with nice cracks and top ropeable mini routes. We lucked out with cool weather in August and had a great day touring some of the classics like Robbins Crack, Jaws, Baby Robbins, Lie Detector and more.


A very proud TR onsight 😉 of Eric’s Face.

In addition to learning crack technique Lizzy made the most progress I’ve ever seen on Lie Detector, which is a desperate 5.12+ thin fingers seam. A series of 5 or 6 nearly footless moves pull over a bulge to a much easier 5.10 section. Lizzy was able to stick the first three of these moves for the first time proving her summer of climbing returned good fitness. Without the advantage of Lizzy’s fingers I was barely able to do the first move, figuring out some crazy beta requiring a precise deadpoint to a poor lock… Maybe next time!

Woodson - Aug 09 - 042

Working on an interesting arete variation Josh came up with.

After tiring of crack climbing Josh and I played around in one of the caves on this tricky problem. In addition to the established line seen in the next two photos we tried a variation or eliminate that followed the arete. It was fun but neither of us could get past the poor slopers. Josh managed to avoid the camera so there are only photos of me on these problems.

Woodson - Aug 09 - 018

Starting up the cave/rail problem. (Originally graded B1 !)

Woodson - Aug 09 - 017

Too bad I missed the hold.

Woodson - Aug 09 - 045

Bouldering is hard…

At the beginning of September I attended the Pine Mountain Pulldown which was also a stop of the Reel Rock Tour. I was psyched for the combo of stress free bouldering and a chance to see the newest climbing films. Lizzy was able to catch a ride down from Palo Alto and  volunteered as a trail monitor on Saturday for the competition.  I was able to carpool from San Diego with Jeff and Keli who are very active in our local climbing community. The Pine Mountain Pulldown is set up as an environmentally responsible event and  partnered with our local advocacy group, Allied Climbers of San Diego, to minimize impact.  After a day of bouldering on Saturday I spent Sunday walking around the bouldering area, with Keli, Jeff and Lizzy, picking up trash and washing off offending tick marks as part of an Adopt-A-Crag event. To further reduce environmental impact the power for the event was solar and all of the competition climbers were bussed to the crag to reduce pollution.


On Sock Hop – V6  photo thanks to Jessica

One of the ACSD members, Adam Kimmerly, took a bunch of photos which can be found here. He also attended last year and one of those photos ended up on the poster of this year.  The following pictures are a subset of his shots from 2009.


Keli on a tricky slab (V5 without the far  left holds).


Robert, of the Vertical Hold Crew, on the classic Dissing Euros V6


Luke about to fall off a fishy V5


Colin, another VH strong man, crimping hard!


Gracie, a micro crusher from Fresno, showing the boys how its done.


Luke uses some alternate beta on the same problem.


Keli, with Jeff spotting, on her way to second place in the women’s division!


Luke gets yet another handful of Mojo bars thanks to the Clif Bar booth!





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1 10 2009

Try all you want… You’ll never be able to get those Power Lines out of that Photo. Haha. I know I’ve tried.

1 10 2009


5 10 2009
Eliot Carlsen

Luke, nice work on Eric’s Face. That climb is tough. I like the woodson photos you should post more if you got ’em.

5 10 2009

For more woodson photos check out some of our other posts:

I don’t have any more from that weekend.

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