Joe’s Valley – Day Two at New Joe’s

30 04 2009

We decided on New Joe’s for day two and slowly made our way out to this sector.  Everyone was weary from all the traveling on Wednesday and the ton of climbing we did on the day before. When we arrived at the dirt road at the stated mileage we were greeted by a large locked gate. The access road which leads to a shared oil company parking was CLOSED!?! We were a bit confused but evenutally found our way to another parking lot about 3/4 of a mile up the road.

After a bit of searching we saw a well carined trail and started to walk in. At some point we got a bit lost and were faced with a steep decent into a creek bed. Jackie, with a torn ACL, could not easily proceed so half the group went back to the parking lot and moved the car so they could walk in via the gated road. 

We all met up at Area 51 after a bit more hassle then was expected but excited for all of the bouldering. New Joe’s is nice because all of the boulders are located on a single hill side with an old switch backing road. It saved time not having to pack up and move the car between different areas like we had done the day before.

We had a fun day but were greeted by rain when we drove back to the campground at dusk.




Jackie on a hard V4/5 on the back of the Scotty boulder.



Luke sets up for a throw.


Lizzy tries her hand at V4



Rebecca goes for the Super Sloper!



Josh climbs Scary V3



Luke following Josh up Scary



Adam getting some air time on Pocket Rocket V6



Luke winds up for a Dyno!



Luke trying to fly on Pocket Rocket



Adam makes the distance!



Adam holding the swing!


Adam Sending Pocket Rocket v6



Luke gets close but no cigar.



Oh well, better luck next time. 



Adam starting off I’d Rather Be Climbing Her V6.


Adam on his send of ‘d Rather Be Climbing Her 


Lizzy trying to find the V5 move on a fun problem at the Tsunami Wall



Rebecca on Reading Rainbow V5?



Lizzy makes the throw on her send of Reading Rainbow.



Adam sorting out beta on Planet of the Apes V6


joes-valley-apr-09-314Luke enjoying a bit of kneebar trickery. 


joes-valley-apr-09-340Luke work through the beautiful slopers on Planet of the Apes


joes-valley-apr-09-360Luke trying some funky beta before figureing out the key right heel hook.


A very tired Luke on his send of Planet of the Apes V6



A tired but happy crew at the end of day two.




5 responses

30 04 2009

With each new day of pictures I get more jealous and more sentimental. I wish I could have been there. It looks amazing. 🙂

On another note, I really liked a few of the pictures. Adam holding the swing is badass. So is ‘Luke gets close but no cigar’.

One last thing. Adam, work on your topouts! Watching “I’d Rather Be Climbing Her” was very awesome and graceful, until you got to the top. Gotta love the beached whale approach. 😉

*I love the videos!

30 04 2009

We definitely missed you. We could have used some of your beta wizardry on many of the problems. It was often harder to figure out what to do then to put together the send.

I hope you can come on one of the big trips in the future! Thanks again for reminding me how fun video is.

Lizzy is getting really good with the camera and is responsible for those two shots. Overall there are photos from everyone but Kearah, Rebecca and Lizzy took the videos.

1 05 2009

I’m a Utah climber, randomly stumbled on your blog through a series of links from a friend’s blog. Lots of great photos and trip reports here! Anyway, just an fyi–ongoing issues with the oil/gas company doing the drilling down around Joe’s account for the closed gate you found. More info at –> Bouldering forum –> multiple threads (esp. Joe’s Valley, Area 51 Questions).

If you ever head to Utah again, that site can be a good resource for up-to-date access issues and other beta.


1 05 2009

Too funny. I subscribe to the blog but I didn’t know there was a forum! Thanks for the info, I will check before we head out again. Joe’s is such an amazing area it is good to see that people are taking care of it.

5 10 2009
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