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17 02 2009

We have been getting some love from climbing bloggers recently so its time that I finished off this post. Though I subscribe to over 300 different blogs I thought I would highlight some of the ones I really enjoy reading  in no particular order. This is just a small selection of a large community of sweet climbing bloggers. Additionally I am finding new sites all the time. Hopefully I will put out a blog links update sometime in the next few months.


Jamie Emerson’s site is full of eye candy with constant video and photo updates. He also has good insight into the front range climbing scene.

Andy Mann produces great images and its nice to get an almost weekly photo dose. He has been jumping around between websites so it can be hard to track down his latest url.

It seems now a days that those who read about climbing on the internet read the Narc. If something big has happened this guy knows about it.  A must have on any climber’s feed reader.

A bunch of strong Bishop locals post up pretty pictures of the bouldering on the East side of the Sierras. Always good for motivation and funny stories.

Peter Beal has been climbing for a while and has the experience to back up opinions that he is not afraid to express. Its nice to have a older voice in the fairly young crowd of climbing bloggers.

Justin Jaeger or “Sock Hands” is always motivated for bouldering, especially V7. Frequent updates of all kinds keep me coming back to this blog.

These guys who boulder in Kentucky never cease to make me laugh. Philosophy and hilarity are key for this entertaining blog. I wish they would post more photos of their escapades while bouldering around the Red River Gorge.

Tom Markiewicz runs allclimbing and has started other sites such as and He does a great job of bringing his technology experience to climbing bloggers.

Sara, from the Kitsap Peninsula near Seattle, is passionate about climbing and blogging.  Her blogs are fun to read and her upbeat attitude is easy to enjoy.

Kate and Mark Calder are from Colorado and have adventures around the various front range climbing areas. I enjoy the amazing photos and trip reports from these bloggers.

I first read some of James’ stories on supertopo and was excited to find his blog. I enjoy his writing style and look forward to reading about his various adventures.

I found out about this group of strong boulders while going to school at Bucknell. The various members of this blog are responsible for a large number of the hard lines in Pennsylvania.  The blog reminds me of past days climbing on the amazing Triassic Diabase of PA.

Chris Hampton, or Odub, is a climbing rapper. His rhymes are hilarious and he has the confidence to spray about anything. I recently listened to his best of album and enjoy his tales of the southeast.

Kelly Sheridan, author of Central Washington Bouldering, is a Seattlite who is stoked on bouldering. You will often find him with a video camera sending or documenting a sweet granite line.

Michael and BJ are from Colorado and enjoy the adventurous side of climbing, true choss-a-holics. From multi-pitch first ascents to local ice climbing they do it all.

Hayden is all about climbing and has done a bunch of bouldering FA’s around Colorado. Recently he has been roped climbing and I have enjoyed his photos from various travles around Utah and Colorado.

Wills Young hosts a blog about whats happening in Bishop. This blog is seasonal, since summers are too hot for climbing, but is usually first to press with hard sends and new FAs.

P&C is a group of funny climbers living in the Boulder Area who work hard and party harder. With a crew of bloggers they have weekely updates, Whiskey Wednesdays, crag profiles and entertaining interviews.


The blogging world is a big place but there seem to be bubbles created by friends and acquaintances. The following blogs are from or started in the bay area and tell great stories about climbing in Yosemite, Bishop and many other local NorCal crags.  Each blog tells a story and I enjoy reading each episode. From bouldering in Yosemite to the bolt clipping at the Jailhouse and the  Gold wall.


These are some of the better “Pro” blogs I read. These guys and girls crank and give us a bit of insight into their lives. It’s interesting to see what it takes to climb 5.14 and send V12+.



9 responses

17 02 2009
choss master

thanks for the shout out, you guys don’t do so bad yourselves!

17 02 2009
Jon G.

thanks for the shout out! great stuff.

17 02 2009

How in the world do you have time to read 300 blogs???? Do you ever stand up from the computer? Hope your job isn’t treating you that poorly ;).

17 02 2009

I don’t follow quite all the blogs Luke does, but google reader makes it really easy to keep track of all of them.

17 02 2009
Tom Markiewicz

Thanks for the mention!

18 02 2009

Thanks for the shout. But I cried when I wasn’t in the “pro” category. Shit.

18 02 2009
peter beal

I really appreciate the mention and of course the link from your site!

19 02 2009
Sara, aka @theclimbergirl

I’ve tried keeping lists like this, and it’s a ton of work. Thanks for the mention, Luke & Lizzy… and you have to know, the feeling is mutual… 🙂

19 02 2009

Lists are a hard thing. This one is far from complete but I just wanted to give some link love back to a lot of the fun blogs that give us traffic and I’m sorry if a particular blog is not on here.

John, maybe I need a Photog category, then you could sit with Tim Kemple and Andy Mann. Would that make you feel better? 😉

Thanks for all the comments!

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