We Survived!

16 02 2009

Julie, Josh, Luke, and I all survived the Montana de Oro trail race on Sunday!

Julie and I both ran the 8k, which had about 800 feet of elevation gain (that means big hills, not little ones…). Julie was awesome and won the 8k and I finished 21st out of 70, which I guess is not bad considering I’ve only been able to run again for about 2 weeks and didn’t train on any hills. Zero.

Luke ran the 25k and finished 7th out of 77 runners, so really awesome for (1) his first trail race (not counting XC in high school) and (2) his first race for this long of a distance. Luke not only went to the top of Valencia Peak (with the 12k runners), but also to the top of Hazard Peak (course for 25k and 50k) for about 3200-ft of total elevation gain.

And Josh was our awesome support crew. He got me my jacket after my race and gave Luke his waterbottle at his halfway point.

We had been really worried about getting poured on by this next storm (which is currently dumping rain outside my window in Pasadena), but ended up with a nice, though windy day and not a drop of rain. The full results are available here and divided by age/gender group here. You can also check out the course map and the elevation profiles of the different distances.

The whole race had a really fun and laid-back atmosphere. Although there were obviously some very good and competitive runners, there were also plenty of people out there just to enjoy the trails and scenery (including a 4-yr old girl who ran the 8k and a 10-yr boy old who passed me on the hill and was running the 12k – I was not that awesome when I was 4… or 10…). This was really nice because I tend to get really nervous and stressed out when it comes to competitions, especially when I don’t feel well prepared. I definitely suffered on the hills (but I think the vast majority of other people did too) and was grinning the whole time I was sprinting down the long downhill, leaping down 3-ft steps, jumping over rocks, passing people who are not so comfortable on rough trails, and feeling happy that I am still 20 years old (at least for another month) and have knees and ankles that still function (except when I play ultimate frisbee). And it made me want to run more so I can suck less. But maybe not today, since it’s raining.

Luke will probably have something to write about his experience, too.

Happy President’s Day




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25 02 2009
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[…] and my support crew, Julie, Josh and Lizzy, gave my bottle at the half way point in the race. Julie and Lizzy had already finished the 8k and were waiting with Josh for my resupply. I was able to meet up with […]

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