Good News!

27 01 2009

This morning I awoke to a very exciting message in my email inbox – my first grad school acceptance! Long story short, I’ve been accepted into the Geology Department at UT Austin and I’m planning on visiting Austin in February to check out the town, the people, and the geology department. I’m excited and relieved to be into at least one school, especially since I had pared down my choices to only 3 schools that I felt would work well for me in terms of science and location.

Any words of wisdom about Austin while I wait to hear back from my two other schools?




3 responses

30 01 2009

Congratulations! If I hadn’t been an engineer I would definitely be a geologist- super cool stuff! Don’t know much about Austin, but I’ve heard it’s a cool town, and it sounds like there’s some good climbing in the area.

2 02 2009

Thanks 🙂 I’m pretty excited to focus more on research than on classes even if it means going to school for another 5 years.

3 03 2009

Grew up in Texas and got sick of it, left, and still…. I’d move to Austin in a HEARTBEAT. The hill country is beautiful and Austin actually has climbing! Granite at enchanted rock and I hear great things about a wealth of Limestone bouldering being tapped into.

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