Sweet Gear Review: Patagonia Plush Pants

6 01 2009

Sorry guys, they only make these for the ladies. You should be jealous.

I had the opportunity to try on a pair of Patagonia Plush Pants at Adventure 16 a couple months ago. I immediately fell in love with their great fit and super soft, warm fleecy feel. But it was summer and I really had no need for fleece pants.

But Luke knew that even though I didn’t need fleece pants, I did want them, and so they appeared under the Christmas tree this year. I got the chance to wear them on our recent trip to Bishop and Mammoth and was every bit as pleased with them as I hoped I’d be.

I have the XS pants in black and they fit perfectly – comfortable waistband, nice shape, perfect length. They are soft and warm and feel great against my skin, but I can also wear them over long underwear or tights (which I did, post-snowboarding). They were awesome to wear relaxing in the motel room after a tiring day of climbing or snowboarding and I plan to wear them as often as possible until it gets too warm again.

I do feel that I should point out that these aren’t really “technical” fleece pants – they are great for hanging out, but maybe not the best to actually wear out climbing or anything. I have another pair of (less fuzzy, comfortable, and flattering) wind-proof fleece pants that I still plan to use for more “technical” applications (e.g. really cold day at the crag, snowshoeing, cold/windy camping, etc.).





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