Welcome to 2009…

5 01 2009

My first “class” (only kind of a class since it’s an interesting seminar with free dinner) is tomorrow and will signal the end of my winter break. I’m definitely excited to jump into the new year – the last 2 terms at Caltech, hopefully a grad school acceptance letter, and lots of new adventures.

I’d been thinking about writing a “goals for 2009” post, but I’ve decided against it because, as I’ve already been shown, life is full of unexpected turns and challenges and I don’t want to be frustrated by having a fixed agenda. Suffice it to say that I’d like to climb a bit more, run a bit more, go on more cooking adventures, and be less stressed. Those sound general enough, right?

My break has been pretty fantastic – restful, lots of visiting, a bit of climbing, and a bit of snowboarding. Marred only by being sick for almost the entire month of December. In fact, I managed to strain one of my intercostal muscles on Jan. 3rd from coughing too hard. Surpisingly to me, this muscle is involved in a lot of things – breathing, coughing, sneezing, laughing, laying on my side, using my abs, picking things up, etc… Although ibuprofen and rest seem to be helping a bit, my 2009 training will have to wait a few days. But I’m addressing one of my other goals by not worrying about it.

Luke sent some projects at Bishop (I’ll let him blog about that) and we managed to do a bunch of snowboarding without getting too bruised in the process. On our last day we checked out the Druid Stones, which we definitely want to return to next time (this was the first day of my intercostal strain, so hiking up the hill with my crashpad and then bouldering seemed out of the equation for me).

Happy 2009,





One response

5 01 2009

Ha ha i totally agree with your post. New Year’s Resolutions = way more stress than I can handle in an overly stressful life = freaking out and failing at trying to be less stressed out. So no list for me either!
Josh was at Bishop too last weekend. At the buttermilks.
Feel better!

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