16 12 2008

This weekend Lizzy was away in the Field but I got to spend one day at the Riverside Quarry before getting a bad cold. I drove up with Leah who sent her project, Vertigo 13a. We also met up with a fun crew from the LA area. All photos have been post processed and I am interested in opinions of how they look! Based on my terrible originals I have a lot to learn. I just got a bigger memory card and going to start shooting in raw to make post production easier.


Derick beginning a hard section of Vertigo.


Leah works through the lower section of Vertigo.


Leah makes the first hard reach.


Leah sets up for the last move of the crux.


Another version of a previous shot.


The first shot without the blur.








4 responses

17 12 2008
Kate C

I think they’re good pics! The Gaussian blur is a bit much in that one, but that’s just mho. You got pretty climbers on pretty rock, what more could you want?? 🙂

17 12 2008

Lizzy has a similar opinion about the blur. I wanted to add focus on the climber but overdid it a little. Thanks for the comments!

19 12 2008
Climbing Narc

I like ’em. Can’t wait to see more SoCal climbing shots. You don’t really hear much about these lesser known areas so it is cool to get a visual.

27 08 2009
Technical Trickery, A Pine Creek Photo Essay « Dream in Vertical

[…] mind. During my two years here I have met the climber, Leah, who you have perhaps seen photos of in earlier blogs, the photographer, her husband, and the route developer Louie Andersen.  All of these things […]

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