It’s Finally Winter in California…

15 12 2008

After weeks and weeks of sunny weather and 80-90 degree temps, we were beginning to wonder if “winter” just wasn’t going to happen in SoCal this year. But now, apparently, it has arrived. As I’m sitting here in Luke’s (cold!) house in San Diego, it’s raining and windy outside in a way that makes me feel like I’m in Seattle, not San Diego. Out in the desert on Saturday, it was so windy that I was worrying that pages would get ripped out of my notebook and I almost got knocked off the outcrop several times. Check out this crazy weather.

Also, there’s an 80% chance of snow in the greater Seattle area on Wednesday. I am still young enough to think that this is Really Awesome as opposed to Unfortunate or Annoying. Because it doesn’t snow a whole lot in the Seattle area. And we rarely get such good probability of snowfall.

Check this out, too:

The only unfortunate part about this Awesome Weather is that I’m supposed to fly to Seattle on Wednesday. The day with the snow. Oops. Hopefully I can actually get there to enjoy the snow.

Anyways, Luke and I will be out in Virginia for Christmas and then exploring the climbing around St. George for New Year’s, which we’re pretty excited about. Hopefully everyone has a relaxing, safe, enjoyable (and snowy?!?!) holiday! I have less than 6 months til I graduate!





2 responses

15 12 2008
Kate C

Awesome weather weenie post! Snow is always fun, and people with dogs know that their whole lives.

If you want to see what’s making that snow, check out these 850mb (temperature, pressure and windspeeds) plots:

16 12 2008

Thanks for the link 🙂

I’m still working on Luke on the dog thing. Currently he has promised to get me a dog when I send 5.13 and/or when I get my PhD, but both of those are pretty far off.

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