5 Reasons I Love the Pacific Northwest

1 12 2008

I really like visiting Seattle and the surrounding region. Here’s why:

  1. Moist air – great for the skin
  2. Trees – they’re green and they make the air smell nice
  3. Clouds – I miss them here in SoCal
  4. Friends and family – it’s nice to catch up with everyone
  5. Rock climbing – just being closer to Index, Squamish, and Smith Rock makes me happier

But, alas, we are now back in the hot dryness of SoCal. At least I only have one week of class left and not much in terms of finals. I’ve only got one school application and 2 fellowship applications to go. And in a week and a half I will be out in the field working on my project. Which is awesome because fieldwork is much more fun and exciting than homework.

Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Luke and I had fun in Bishop before heading to Seattle. I even flashed my first “V4” – Hard Crack at the Happy Boulders. It probably wasn’t V4. But it was awesome and the fall would have been scary, had I taken it. A longer TR with lots of photos to come soon.




2 responses

1 12 2008
Jamie Neilson

Post some pictures!!!

2 12 2008

the best ones are on facebook now

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