Seeking Balance

18 11 2008

Sometimes, I feel like I am constantly searching for balance in my life. Balance between academics, research, relationships, friendships, rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, family, free time, mental health, and physical fitness.

That’s a lot of things to balance. As a result, everything doesn’t always get its fair share of Lizzy because there’s just not enough to go around. But I just keep trying to squeeze in as much as possible, hoping that at some point, it will all pay off.

I haven’t been climbing as much as I would like recently, but somehow the small steps I’ve taken to eat better and exercise a little more (crunches before bed and commuting to school on my bike) have helped! I have made progress on Equinox the last couple times I’ve climbed it. Although I’m still pretty far from my goal of sending it, this is still pretty sweet. After all, I’m not privileged enough to live the kind of life where climbing gets to be my top priority. It’s comforting to know that I can still be successful without ignoring my other responsibilities.

Now if I could only get into the grad school I want, be lucky enough to win one of the fellowships I’ve applied for, reach some cool conclusions with my research, AND send some sweet routes during the rest of my stint in SoCal, that would be awesome.

But for now, I’m just seeking balance.




2 responses

18 11 2008

i just stumbled across your blog last week and have really enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading about your adventures – thanks for sharing! as a climber (avid – but not good;)) and a geology grad student myself, i wanted to offer my encouragement and support – good luck with grad school!! i hope you find a great advisor (and get guaranteed funding)!
~ robby

20 11 2008

thanks for the encouragement! i hope climbing can bring you as many awesome adventures and good times that it gives me 😀

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