Welcome Back to the Grind

30 09 2008

The wonderful thing that is summer vacation has now officially ended for me. Yesterday was the first day of class of my senior (wahoo!!!) year at the California Institute of Technology. I couldn’t be more excited for it to be my last year, even though I’m also a bit stressed out about doing everything right and hopefully getting into my grad school of choice.

Getting back into the climbing thing after almost a full month off has been a little rough. My endurance went down the drain, as did quite a bit of my newly earned confidence from all my sport climbing successes. Hopefully this coming weekend at the Owens River Gorge will help bring some of that back.

However, I’m trying hard to get back into shape (mentally and physically) because one of our major objectives for the fall/winter season is the crown jewel of J-Tree, my long lusted after objective, Equinox. This is very exciting.

In other news, Luke onsighted the Vampire at Tahquitz last weekend! (And I flailed up after him – holy crap the Bat Crack was kind of hard…) We should have a post about that soon, after I stop being too stressed out about school to actually get anything done…




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