Reel Rock Tour Update and MomentumVM goes free.

4 09 2008

A bit of fun news in the climbing media world. MomentumVM has just gone free so check it out and sign up for access to all the videos.  

A few weeks ago the Sharp End Trailer was posted online on the Reel Rock Tour site. You can check it out on the films page.  Also on the films page you can see all of the entries for the Reel Rock Tour Contest. With the voting closed it will be interesting to see which amature films are chosen for the tour.  A trailer of all the main Reel Rock films can be found on the Big Up site. Via Andy Mann

Spencer Victory’s short film, “Rediness is All”, that was submitted to the tour, should not be missed. Spencer has made a few movies featuring climbing at the Red River Gorge such as “Red River Ruckus”. The video below of his features No Redemption, 13b, at the Bob Marley crag. What a beautiful line! 





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