Speaking of Cameras…

30 06 2008

Due to the recent accidental dropping of my trusty Olympus Stylus 800, I may be in the market for a new, small digital camera to bring climbing (because we don’t always want to bring Luke’s larger DSLR to the crag and definitely not on multi-pitches). I’m looking for something not too expensive with a reasonable amount of optical zoom that’s small and not too fragile (so it can survive a little abuse in my pack or on my harness, although within a case). Good battery life and features would be a plus (i.e. modes for shooting sunsets or through glass). Any suggestions?




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1 07 2008
Kate T-C

I spent a lot of time looking into an ultra-compact camera to take on long climbs this year. I narrowed the choice to the Canon digital Elph and the Casio Exlim.

I’m a pretty serious hobby photographer, so getting good gear was important to me. I ended up going with the Canon, and I’m really happy with the decision so far. Here is the comparison blog post, if you’re interested: http://colocalders.com/?p=337

1 07 2008

sweet, thanks for the advice. the Canon SD1100 IS is definitely one of the top ones I’m looking at. also considering spending a little more than $4 this time to get a good case for it.

3 07 2008

The Pentax Optio Waterproof camera is an excellent choice.
Ours has been through just about everything and still takes great pictures.

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